It is often said that smoking a cigar is an experience that should never be hurried. It’s about relaxing and pausing; enjoying one of life’s few pleasures. Now that the mood is set, pick out a Wismilak Premium Cigar and let an unforgettable experience unfold.

Roll the smooth Wismilak Cigar between your thumb and index finger. Clip off the cap with a suitable cigar cutter…not too much and not too little. The Wismilak Cigar is now ready to light. Whether you use a lighter or a match, hold the cigar over the flame. Rotate the cigar over the tip of the flame so that it lights up evenly, ensuring pleasurable smoke.

Now, hold the cigar to your lips and draw slowly. Allow the flavor and aroma of the Wismilak Cigar to travel sensuously through your mouth and nose. When you are ready, draw again.

As you smoke, you will notice the ash at the cigar tip holds firm. This is just another sign of the superb quality of Wismilak Cigars.

Repeat & enjoy.

Welcome to the exotic, aromatic world of Wismilak Cigars…a truly unforgettable experience.

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