To keep cigars freshness and flavour, cigar should be stored in ideal places, a temperature of 67 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit and at humidity of 65 to 75 percent. Many purist say 70-70, 70 degrees and 70% humidity. And the best place to store your fine cigars is in a humidor. A humidor is generally a wooden box designed specifically to store cigars. It allows the wood to expand with the humidity in it to keep the cigars fresh.

Humidors usually come with hydrometers and humidifiers, and sometimes temperature controller. If not, you can buy these separately. Or, you can replace them with higher quality devices of your choice. Even you have an expensive humidor that has self-regulating, you should monitor this humidor for proper humidity. You should add water to whatever humidifying element in this humidor, sometimes every few days in the middle of winter when heats on, or in dry desert climate.

To keep cigar flavor equable for along time, never put anything in the humidor except cigars. And if you have another prized cigars, or any cigars for that matter, try to separate them, as they will absorb each other’s flavors overnight.

Storing cigars in a refrigerator is a bad idea, except a better storage system did not obtain. A refrigerator or freezer actually gets cold by pumping the warm air out. So if a cigar is supposed to be kept warm at 70F and maintain a humidity level of 70%, how would a freezer or refrigerator keep them fresh? They wouldn’t .

Remember, Cigar should never be kept anywhere that’s prone to growing mold and fungus. No matter what type of your cigar store, mold and fungus spores will conduct a search and destroy your cigar, because it is natural vegetable product. Another danger cigar’s foe is the Tobacco Beetle. Although tobacco is usually fumigated, eggs can escape the fumigation process and lie dormant in the tobacco leaf.

Discard any cigar found in this condition, remove all cigars and then clean and aerate the humidor. Place undamaged cigars in a sealed plastic bag in the freezer for several days before properly thawing them and returning them to your humidor.

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